Ranch Country (Hockley, TX)
By Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker, Selling Northwest Houston to good people like you!
(Janisch & Co.)
Could Ranch Country,  in Hockley Texas, provide an investment opportunity for you?  It has worked for others and it may be that opportunity is knocking again.  This is now a tried and true investment. In the mid 1980s Ranch Country was a subdivision wayyyyy out from Houston.  There was a recession (read; oil bust) going on, not that different from the one we are experiencing now.  Interest rates had spiraled up to 17.5%.  The adjustable rate mortgage was a fairly new product.  People failed to understand that although the monthly rates started out low, they would suddenly go up, up, and away out of sight of the original projected budgets. The interest rates did just that and soon people in Ranch Country bailed out and left their fairly new homes unceremoniously.  In a very short time, t...
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