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By Rick Irving, Rick Irving Knows Real Estate
(My Texas Home Real Estate)
In my 24 plus years as a Real Estate Broker I have worked with a lot of investors. About 10 years ago I started attending a Real Estate Investor group in Dallas. There are now several groups in Dallas and a few groups in Fort Worth. I have become an active participant in a group that meets every Saturday morning.  The other group was known by most people as "Newbies at Lubys" which met  from about 11:30 AM until about 1:15 or 1:30 PM. This group was meeting at the Luby's Cafeteria located at 251 University Drive, Fort Worth, Tx 76107. Luby's closed several weeks ago. Now the group is meeting at the "Swanky Shack". The Swanky Shack is located at 2813 Race Street, Fort Worth, Tx 76111. The group was started by B.D. Adkins. B.D. is a great leader, a great mentor and is very knowledgeable i...
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By Mike Pannell
(Nu Home Source Realty LLC)
With the quality of life improving in our neighbourhood the prices of real estate is increasing. We do everything possible to help you to buy or sell your real estate and make it a profitable deal for both parties. The increase in prices of real estate in based on the law of supply and demand. Presently, our area has a big demand for real estate while the availability of houses. Adding to this is the stringent laws adopted by the local authorities on environmental impacts and objections from the local communities on new constructions, lesser homes are being constructed. Those who have moved in to our neighbourhood do not want to move out as it is very conducive to healthy living. With the economy in our state improving more jobs are created thus the demand for housing too increases.   N...
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The name Nu Home Source realty is synonymous with the buying, selling and renting of quality real estate. Fort Worth real estate was able to build this reputation due to the honesty and integrity displayed by all its agents in mediating or promoting a deal. The services provided by Fort Worth real estate is unmatched in quality. We take pleasure in answering all the questions posed by our clients. We believe that every client must be fully aware of what he or she is going to commit in a property deal. For most buyers this may be their first deal in life. So, we at Fort Worth real estate want to make it a memorable one. There are many ways how you can multiply your investment. However, investing in real estate is the most lucrative business today. Fort Worth real estate helps and assist...
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