Western Hills (Fort Worth, TX)
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Craving A Good Burger?  Near Fort Worth, TX? Know Just The Place To Satisfy That Urge! Even though I try to eat healthy (less red meat, more poultry, fish, lean cuts of pork and beef, etc.) most of the time, being a "baby boomer" - I still get a a real, deep-down craving for a good burger every so often.  So do most folks that I know. So...if you're having that craving and need a good place to satiate the urge, I've found just the place if you're anywhere withing striking distance of the West side of Fort Worth, TX.  The place I'm talking about is Pop's Burgers & Grill on Benbrook Hwy (Hwy 377), just South of the 183/377 traffic circle. Pop's is a family-owned and operated business and has a traditional burger and fries menu.  The thing that isn't traditional is the EXCELLENCE displayed...
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