Food Town (Cypress, TX)
By Sonja Patterson, Texas Monthly 5-Star Realtor Recipient for the Hou
(Keller Williams - BV)
My kids LOVE Blue Bell Ice Cream (as do I!).  We all have our favorites!  My son's is Dutch Chocolate or Cookie Dough ice cream, and my daughter's selection varies between Mint Chocolate Chip and Coffee. In an effort to save $$, I have bought a few different "off-brand" ice creams. The feedback was anything but positive.  Yes, I must admit even one knock-off brand was offered to the family dog who turned her nose up.  Can you believe??!! Well, at $6+/half gallon, who can blame this Scottish girl for being frugal? ;)  So, now I check the grocery ads to see who is selling our preferred brand at a discount.  This week it is FOOD TOWN for $3.99, BUT they also have a $1 off Blue Bell coupon for a price of $2.99!  Wow, that is almost as sweet as a foreclosure deal!! But wait, there's more.  T...
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