Country, Horse & Ranch (College Station, TX)
By Sondra Meyer:, See It. Experience It. Live It.
(EXP Realty, LLC)
Dear Real Estate Diary,   College Station and much of Texas has been in a moderate drought.  So, the rain that we are currently getting is a welcome sight.  The grass is turning green.  It is growing.  The Crepe Myrtles trees along the roads are finally blooming.   The temperatures outside are actually bearable.    If you think about it, Active Rain can does the same thing for us.   Friendships are blooming.  Our challenges become bearable when we can share them with other people in the business.  AR helps our businesses grow and thrive.  I  hope that everyone is enjoying the Rain as much as I am.    I decided for the first time ever, to try to take pictures of this beautiful rain with my little HP camera.  Although the result was unexpected, I found the result to be kind of fun.  Just ...
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