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By Kathy Baker, GRI Tennessee Realtor
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I asked Mike Archambault if he worked at Cedar Creek Cattle Company, his response was, "I am Cedar Creek Cattle Company".  Within his ranch, located in Clarkrange Tennessee, he has established the New Beginnings Youth Ranch for high risk kids. Mike believes that in these troubled times, virtually all kids are high risk. He has a group of local kids, as well as 8 from another youth ranch, that are involved in his East Tennessee youth and yearling mustang challenge. I met up with Mike this past week at a horse show in town. He had brought with him, 9 of 19 mustang yearlings, that he had bought from the BLM, or Bureau of Land Management. These horses are all tattooed, and come from Nevada. Mike had spent only 2 weeks with them, and had gotten them in halters, which I found amazing. He said...
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