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By Colleen Irwin, Creative Real Estate Solutions...
  Active Rain is a wonderful place to learn and grow.  Those that delve in and absorb as much as they can are the true winners here at ActiveRain!   I have been a huge proponent of "Paying it Forward" and mentoring for a long time.  There is a reason for this, because I have been blessed with amazing mentors in my development as a writer here at Active Rain.  Kristal Kraft from Denver Colorado encouraged me to be myself and Margaret Rome of Baltimore Maryland gave me insight into who I am.  Many members are trying to figure out how to market themselves effectively in this brave new world of SEO, including myself. First off SEO is not just about your BLOG.  It is about your greater presence on the Internet -- Your BLOG, Website and anything thing else you put out on the Web.  In the last...
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