Inlet Pointe (Garden City Beach, SC)
Welcome to the wonderful world of technology.  I am now joining the hundreds of thousands of others that are communicating through this amazing device with a keyboard and monitor.  I look forward to growing this post to the point that it becomes a very useful source of information for many.  I will try to keep this as market specific as possible but sometimes I need an outlet for all my "zany' thoughts.  We all need some levity now and again.  Additionally, if I get to preaching too much, well... For those of you who are not familiar, Garden City Beach (GCB) is one of our Creators most marvelous creations.  Protecting the beautiful waters of Murrells Inlet, GCB offers its residents and visitors some of the most sought after treasures in the world, peace and serenity.  Relaxing on the wi...
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