Ladson (Charleston, SC)
By E. Steve Banis, Jr.,
(South Carolina Homes Inc.)
Not all home sellers have the option to wait until their house sells. There many situations that require a fast sale of a house. But what if your house is not selling? What are the options? In a perfect world, selling your home fast should be as simple as putting up a 'For Sale' sign in the front yard, having someone knock on your door, they look at your house and pay your asking price. Unfortunately selling a house fast for your asking price, though it does happen, is more of a rarity than the norm. If your house needs repairs or major appliances are out of date, in not so good of a location or maybe it's plain ugly, your house may stay on the market longer than others. There are many different situations that force a home seller into selling a house fast. Relocation, double house pay...
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