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The Official Snack Food of South Carolina - Boiled Peanuts!     Boiled peanuts are definitely an acquired taste, but for those who have learned to enjoy them, there is no equal.  They are a salty, warm, delicious, somewhat mushy, and healthy southern delicacy.  While vacationing on St. Simon's Island, I heard a local vendor say to a new initiate, "they ain't Captain Crunch!"  How true!  Even if you don't plan on becoming a die-hard fan, they are worth a try.  However, do not expect them to taste anything like a roasted peanut or peanut butter.  Boiled offers an entirely different taste. The boiled peanut has a past interwoven with the history and culture of the South.  Present day finds the boiled peanut as the official snack food of South Carolina and the subject of much praise through...
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