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  It's that time of year again and I am so excited!   The above is a picture I took last year of the Chief's Tipi. Please note the door flap is not on it, it does have one--we would not have let him sleep in it last year without one as he married at last year's Pau Wau!!! If you are in the Aynor, SC area or can get there the first weekend in November, stop by and look me up.   For more information, please visit Waccamaw Indian People-Events.   Please, do come on out and learn about the Waccamaw Indian People and how they lived life then and now. Join with us as we celebrate the lives of our Ancestors and the lives we now live and are leaving for our children and grandchildren. All are welcome.   Here are a few more photos from last year's Pau Wau:                               Lady Dan...
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