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By Linda Cullen
(Coldwell Banker)
Well, okay so I just thought it was clever.  And then I went to a high school reunion in my hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  A classmate from high school talked me into this kicking and screaming.  And..... I thought .... Why????  There is always an answer, if you wait long enough and pay attention. On my last night of six, I was visiting with old friends/family and some of them were huddled around a TV.  I paid no attention until I had to step across them at one point and noticed immediately that this was not some network show.  Rather a "town meeting" right there, right then, IN my home town. Its focus was the relatively recent exploration and drilling for natural gas - with many of the potentially most prolific deposits being right there, UNDER MY HOMETOWN!  I sat down on the...
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