Dresher (Upper Dublin, PA)
By Glenn Freezman
(Family Abstract, Inc.)
Are all improvements a good investment?  That would depend on your own definition of investment.  We make financial investments but we also make investments in our happiness.  What is the price of the calming waterfall, how much is the value of a Lilly Pad or a piece of drift wood?  What starts out as a modest Plastic Little Preform Pond becomes a 4500 gallon ecosystem, home to Koi, plants, algae and thousands of micro-organisms that in the end have no intrinsic value.  10 years ago, these fish were .99 cents each and a mere 2 and a half inches long, now they weigh over 20 pounds and are well over 15 inches long.  It was approximately 8 years ago, I put lipstick on the girl fishies and "Gussied" up the gils of the boy fishies and all of the sudden, today we enjoy over 30 Koi.  The inves...
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