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By Dave Stramara, REALTOR, RE/MAX Five Star Realty
(RE/MAX Five Star Realty)
On the heels of the recent "Sold Properties" re-assessment appeals being initiated by several local school districts, the local Penn State University Campus located in Schuylkill Haven PA recently hosted a forum were invited Legislators listened to and questioned several local Realtors & Appraisors attemps to plain language a legal nightmare.  Based on the trouble the politicians had understanding the vocabulary and concepts of re-assessment Appeals based on Sold Price vs. Spot Assessment, I became convinced that our representatives were not up to snuff on the mechanics of the on-going School Districts attempts to raise financial dollars through what I copnsider, is an obvoiusly unethical if not illegal process.While continued efforts to achieve the No-Child Left Behind goals of our gov...
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