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By Andrew Caldwell
Hi welcome to the world of Real Estate.  If you need help searching for Pittsburgh Real Estate and Homes for sale.  Please visit me at and I can help with all your needs.
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By Douglas Kaup
(Finial Property inspections)
Home inspectors are often forced to suggest a home buyer have a furnace looked at after the inspection.  Why suggest this?  Isnt that wha the home inspector is for?  This is the answer.  The fornace in every home should have a clean and check every year, but they rarely do.  Acidic soot and calcium deposits can damage and shorten the life of a furnace consideribly.  It is a fairly frequent accurence for me as a home inspector to see furnaces that are nearing or beyond the end of the design life, and have not been serviced by any kind of technician for years.I try not to be one of those guys who writes every little crack just because I am worried about being sued. They call it writing for the jury. However, I have to give this practive a little thought when dealing with furnaces.  The he...
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By Eric Nichols and Kathy Haggerty, No One Sells More Real Estate Than RE/MAX!
(RE/MAX Marketplace)
  Search Pittsburgh Homes is a Great Home Search Resource Site for Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate in the Pittsburgh Area.  Clients can do  home searches, get reports, use valuable area links and be notified immediately when a new property hits the market that fits their search criteria.Our Team is one of the Top Sales teams in Western Pa.  Contact me right away if you need a resource and contact for this area.  We are Always looking to build are contact network in other areas of the country.  
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