Carnegie, Pa (Pittsburgh, PA)
By Kyle Webster, One-Source Property Solutions Company
(Cash For Homes Pittsburgh)
It is a difficult and sad choice many Americans are now facing. Is it worth it to continue paying the mortgage, or is it better to just walk away? The once unthinkable prospect of abandoning one's own home is now a prospect many are pondering. There are two components to this dilemma. The first is philosophical in nature and relates to ethics and morality. Many believe a deal is a deal and walking away constitutes abrogation of one's word. Others view it as a business transaction with this outcome being a risk the lender assumed volitionally and with great profit motive. A rational case can be made for either side of this argument, and in the end moral judgment devolves to the individual.  Ethics aside, many want to know the hard facts surrounding the benefits and ramifications of turni...
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