Wilshire Hunt (New Hope, PA)
By Steven A. Walny, . . . A Contrasting Point of View in Central Bucks
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  Wilshire Hunt Condos for Sale, New Hope - Solebury PA Find Wilshire Hunt Condos for Sale, New Hope - Solebury PA, as well as similar neighborhoods, here↑.      Generally thought of as Townhomes, based on their appearance, Wilshire Hunt residences are actually Condominiums, as per the type of legal ownership.  For practical, everyday living purposes there is likely little effect in how you enjoy the home.  The differences come into play with regards to homeowner's insurance, final responsibility for certain aspects of maintenance or repair, and the like.  (Not to cross a line with respect to legal, insurance or tax advise but rather I simply wanted to point out a distinction.)     The neighborhood, built over several years, is one of the newer "Townhome/Condo" communities in the area. ...
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