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Allentown, PA Real Estate News

By Rob Robinson- Lehigh Valley PA
(Bertrum Settlements (Title & Abstract))
Today, the owner of Bertrum Settlements and myself gave a 60 minute overview of "Title Insurance" to a Realty Agency in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, PA).  The 'project' simply started with a phone conversation (yes, a cold call - the ugly cold call as some of you define it) to the Manager which resulted in a face to face...... then us being allowed/asked, to present - a short tutorial during her monthly meeting, on Title Insurance and closings (not a sales pitch).She provided a list of 'questions' she believed her agents would find interesting.From our standpoint, we thought - this is GREAT - but (always the but).... we were concerned the Realtors would be bored within 5 minutes and this would be a waste of time from their standpoint.  Well surprise to all.  We had info that apparently...
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I just read Rob Robinson's blog regarding the tragedy that happened to a REALTOR from Keller Williams and his family. Please, for anyone who will be in the Lehigh Valley this weekend or next, please try to support this family in their time of need.  There is a car wash this Saturday and a Yard Sale next Saturday.  I have copied the flyer.  We need your help to raise funds to benefit the Salisbury Township family devastated by the fire that occurred on March 25th. Every dollar that you contribute will go to help the people whose lives were shattered. Jomo Burton and Ashlie Hankee have lost everything. Jomo's six year old daughter was burned over 93% of her body and passed away on Monday. Please contribute in any way that you can to help them cope with this terrible tragedy. You can help ...
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