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By Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life
(Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina)
Good Evening, I was originally going to title this post "Silent Saturday" and let the picture do the talking.  But me being the verbose and anti-parsimonious bastard that I am, that obviously can't happen.  Instead, I came away from tonight's inspiration for words with a deeper understanding of our current economic woes. It is not unsavory practices in spending that have gotten our collective bank accounts in a bunch.  It isn't even the daily dose of which Political Party is in Power.  Nope, there's a simpler version to the truth of it all.  Remember Fred Savage in "The Wonder Years"?  I do.  I also recall the episode where Ben Stein played his teacher and said something to the affect of, "Every question contains its own answer." And the following picture contains it:   Before going int...
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