Jan Ree (Salem, OR)
By Jim Allhiser, Salem, Oregon Home Inspector
(Perfection Inspection, Inc.)
Manufactured homes are wonderful if you know what you are getting.  They are supremely efficient.  They are so tight you actually have to be aware of this to ensure indoor air quality is not compromised.  They do have some downsides apart from the obvious fact of poor appreciation.   The roofs of many manufactured homes are relatively low slope and the interior ceilings are often vaulted.  Both of these conditions add up to shorter than average roof life.  Failure to the roofing materials and leaks can be chased and individually repaired if they can be located.  Without an accessible attic space finding and fixing leaks can be tricky.  Enter thermal imaging.                   The other day I had the benefit of doing a Pest and Dry rot inspection here in Salem, Oregon after a different i...
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