Woodstock (Portland, OR)
By Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED
(RETIRED / State License is Inactive)
Call Me If You're Interested This is true story in the day in the life of a Portland Metro Realtor®. A consumer filled out a contact form I have on my site Buyers Agent Portland.   They want me to show them a property they are curious about.   I have no more information from them other than what they filled out in the questionnaire.  But I do know one thing . . . they don't have a loan in place. They completed the form, in part: How are you purchasing?: FinancingAre you Pre-Approved for a Loan?: NoDo you need to discuss financing options / lender referrals: No   So I emailed . . .   Thank you for your contact.   I'm a little confused, can you help me understand how you plan on buying this property if it's something you like?   You indicate that financing would be the way to purchase, bu...
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