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By Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust!
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I am on vacation visiting my two Sisters and my Mom for her 89th Birthday on Wednesday.  My wonderful Husband Larry is doing all the things he normally does, plus all the stuff I usually do.  Thank you Lare, for this much needed time away from home... This morning is the first breakfast I have had that was prepared by Wendi Jacoy, Proprietor of The Painted Lady, since arriving in Myrtle Creek.  Take a look at this presentation...       Chilled Grapefruit Sections, Heart Shaped Toast, Proseco Omlett with Halved Grape Tomatoes and Sausage. Hot Coffee Brewed to Perfection. Decorated with live Violets What do Bed and Breakfasts know that we don't?  How to spoil ourselves! If you find yourself traveling Oregon on I-5 in the Southern Part of the State, do yourself a favor. Stop in Myrtle Cree...
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By Jim Hale, Eugene Oregon's Best Home Search Website
On Thanksgiving Day, my sister, JoAnne, lost her husband - and Douglas County, indeed all of Oregon, lost one of it's most prominent citizens. Donald R. Johnson was a lumberman.....what we in the Northwest call someone who owns a sawmill.  Don owned six....(plus a laminated beam plant and a couple of co-generation electric power plants). He founded the first in the Southern Oregon town of Riddle in 1951.  He bought the last in faraway northeastern Oregon in 1996. Don also owned tens of thousands of acres of Eastern Oregon ranch land - including one of his favorite places on earth, his family's getaway 4J Ranch at Spray, Oregon.  He's had his corporate jet and his political influence.  He's hunted the globe and had his picture taken with Presidents. Along the way, D.R. learned to fly fix...
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