Valley River (Eugene, OR)
By Fred Chamberlin, Oak Harbor/Whidbeynulls, #1 Experienced FHA Mortgage Consultant
(Guild Mortgage Co - Oak Harbor WA)
Hi everyone. Just so you don't think that I only operate in cyberspace, I thought it was time to do a little self awareness posting. To begin with, I work with Alpine Mortgage Planning, a northwest owned mortgage banker with headquarters in the hinterland of Lake Oswego, Oregon. For those out of state, it is one of the cities that make up the Portland Metro area. My office is is Darth Vader Number 1 as we have always called 1200 Executive Parkway. The building is so named because it sort of looks like Darth Vader's mask in Star Wars. It is an interesting structure, being bigger at the top (significantly) than it is at the bottom. It is also faced with glass, glass and more glass. The only problem with this is that it is quite warm on my side of the building in the morning when the sun i...
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