Laurel Hill Valley (Eugene, OR)
By Bobby Stevens, Realtor, Eugene, Oregon
(Windermere Real Estate/Lane County)
The Laurel Hill Valley is a unique little enclave in East Eugene. The main route in, Riverview Street, is poorly maintained, and without sidewalks, which adds a rural flavor, and there is an intersting mix of old and new development in this peaceful neighborhood. I was dropping off flyers at one of my condo listings early yesterday morning and got a chance to shoot some wild turkeys (digitally of course). We see quite a few of these in the south hills and outlying areas around Eugene and Springfield, usually traveling in what appears to be a family group. The lighting in this shaded glen was not the best, but I stopped the car, turned on the flashers and grabbed my camera. The big birds were polite enough to wait until I snapped my zoom lens on and I was able to a get a couple of decent...
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