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North Bay is a city in Ontario, Canada that dates back to the 1800s and has a rich history behind its present existence. It is being developed and has many prestigious areas ranging from its economy to the development overall, the main focus being on the development of the waterfront. Hence investing in real estate in North Bay can be looked at favourably from what we discuss below.North Bay has many diverse areas that generate exquisite opportunities and comfortable living experiences. Its population is around 53,000. It also has many recreational facilities that would be ideal for kids, such as its vibrant, beautiful and calming parks.North Bay gives pride of place to education and has within its perimeters educational institutions that would suit the economy of any family. Further No...
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By Carole Hunnisett
(Century 21 Blue Sky Region Realty Inc., Brokerage)
Home for sale in North Bay sold in 2 days.  This cute 2+1 bedroom 2 bathroom home in North Bay situated on an extra deep lot with a park like back yard.  The main floor  freshly painted and most window coverings have been replaced.  If you have a home in North Bay and you are thinking of selling there are buyers out there looking for homes in North Bay that are priced between $150,000. and $170,000.  Call Carole's "SELL" phone today 492-5070 for an up to-date market evaluation.
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By Jennifer Zammit, A.C.C.I.
(Realty Executives Elite Ltd.)
Determined to garner recognition from a prestigious listing, I got up at 4 in the morning and hand delivered 100 Just Listed postcards. The homes in this neighbourhood are the equivalent of walking half a football fied to drop each one. It took me 2.5 hours and a couple of scares with some dogs (and some skunks). This neighbourhood isn't where I typically do direct mail marketing. I have been told by Top Producers over and over again to decide your market and farm it. Stay consistent because if you throw your marketing dollars all over the place, you'll only ever hit the tip of the iceburg and never achieve recognition from the 2/3 of the glacier under the water. Needless to say, the only person I achieved recognition from those "Just Listed" postcards was from one of my fellow realtors...
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By Jennifer Zammit, A.C.C.I.
(Realty Executives Elite Ltd.)
A couple of days ago a client of mine contacted me regarding a FSBO he was interested in viewing. The day I was setting up showings for the weekend and I contacted the owner to ask if he was prepared to pay a commission if I brought him a buying customer. He told me "no, thats why I'm selling it myself". As per usual, he called me back the next day and asked me "how does this commission thing work anyway". I asked him if this was explained to him when he signed up with the FSBO company and he told me that they didn't. I went over the "commission thing" with him and he asked me to come out and talk to him. I went out to his Open House on Sunday which he was holding from 2-5 and was there for most of the appointment. I listed his house and by the time I left, not one person had come. What...
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The sun is beginning to peek over the billowy grey-white cumulous clouds that are swiftly moving across a deep blue sky as I write this. Summer is less than a month away. We've had quite cool weather here lately and summer clothes have been tucked back away temporarily. Everyone bemoans having to turn their heat on in the morning to take the chill off of the previous night's air. The weather has followed my mood somewhat for the past week and a half. I've been a bit mellow and contemplative as I settle into the fact that my dear Uncle Bear is gone. He's my first Uncle/Aunt to pass away and I will miss him greatly. An avid outdoorsman, he and my Dad were my co-teachers on the road to becoming a fine fisherwoman. In addition to his regular job, he often worked as a guide on Lake Nippissin...
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This is the view from the Temagami Fire Tower in northern Ontario. It gives you an idea of what northern Ontario looks like...dotted with thousands of lakes and sand beaches. This summer I hope to be able to make a trip up there again. I was born in North Bay which is in the same county as Temagami and my heart longs to make the trek back there every year as soon as spring hits .   ©2007JoSmith
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