The Kingsway (Toronto, ON)
By Marina Gavrylyuk, Homes & Condos for Sale in Mississauga and Toronto
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Sniff, sniff. “What is that smell?” That is definitely not the reaction you want a potential buyer to have when they view your house.The problem with common household scents – from family pets, preferred cooking styles, smoking, or even hobbies such as model-making – is that we get accustomed to them. However, someone who enters the house for the first time will notice these aromas right away.So, before a viewing appointment or open house, be sure household scents are under control. A good airing usually does the trick.Reposted from
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By David Pylyp
(RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,)
We watch them find long lost and abandoned family heirlooms and items of value;   Our sense of curiosity peaked by the search through someone else's life. Yet it goes on in every family in Toronto,  saved and cherished heirlooms are packed away and hidden for 8 or ten years then forgotten when the house is put up for sale.  Yet It could so quickly become our parents who put things in storage to make space in their home and all is forgotten for the sake of a few index cards and organization. Many people have off-site storage lockers Where they SAVE items that no longer have purpose. What may have started as a short term solution for their storage needs, but has become a long term issue. The cost of paying for a locker can ADD up to thousands per year. Unless an index of all the items was...
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I am working with a buyer and we finally found the right property, a nice co-ownership unit in The Kingsway neighborhood, overlooking the Humber River. This listing agent is away on holidays, however her assistant has been most helpful. My client decided this was the perfect place for her and decided to put an offer on the property.  I called and registered the offer and I dropped it off to the office. In the meantime, the listing agent returns and takes over from her assistant. My client and I are waiting to see how it all plays out. The next day I called see what the status of our offer was as time was running out.  Get this, they can't find the seller. The seller went away on the long weekend without advising the listing agent. Our offer ran out of time and expired. So, any sellers o...
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By Hope Designs, Hope Designs, Toronto’s Award Winning Home Staging
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Before and After Staging! Sold within 10 Days over asking price! Yes staging makes selling the house easier, by making the house feel like a home so that the stage is set for the close and the final SOLD sign to go up.   HOMESTAGERSINTHEKINGSWAY.INFO KINGSWAYHOMESTAGERS.INFO HOMESTAGERSINETOBICOKE.INFO HOMESTAGERSINETOBICOKE.COM ETOBICOKEHOMESTAGERS.INFO STAGERSINETOBICOKE.COM STAGERSINETOBICOKE.INFO  
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By David Pylyp
(RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,)
BungalowWikipedia, the free encyclopediaA bungalow (બંગલો baṅglo, बंगला baṅglā) is a type of single-storey house that originated in India. The word derives from the Gujarati word baṅglo, which in turn came from Hindustani baṅglā. It means "Bengali", used elliptically for a "house in the Bengal style". However, some people also attribute the origin of this word to Bangalore. Such houses were traditionally small, only one story, thatched and had a wide veranda. Bungalows today are a type of house that is usually single story or one and a half stories, and can be quite large.In India and Pakistan, the term bungalow refers to any single-family unit (i.e., a house), as opposed to an apartment building, which is the norm for Indian and Pakistani middle-class city living. The Indian sub-contin...
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