The Annex (Toronto, ON)
By Kathy Blend
(Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited/Brokerage)
The dry basin of post-glacial Lake Iroquois is where you will find the Toronto, Canada community fondly known as "the Annex". The community was given its name by Simeon Janes in 1886 when he surveyed the land that would make up the community. Before the Annex was surveyed, it was part of the province of Yorkville which was a municipal village. Due to rising costs of services, the residents of Yorkville agreed to annex to the City of Toronto thus creating the need for surveyors and a new name. While development did occur in the Annex, it was slow in coming since the area was favored as a residential community. High-class residences abounded here and any address located in the Annex was considered to be a prestigious one. Today, the Annex is still favored as a residential area although so...
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