Rosedale (Toronto, ON)
By Keith Tarswell
(Bosley Real Estate)
The wealthiest neighbourhood in Toronto came into being in 1824, when William Botsford Jarvis bought a portion of a 200 acre land grant made to Captain George Playter for his role in supporting King George in the American Revolution. Jarvis was the sheriff of the home district, and was a staunch supporter of the crown, continuing the family tradition passed on by his father, who like Playter had fought for the Crown during the American Revolution.Jarvis moved to the property with his wife Mary. After their house was completed, Mary named the residence Rosedale because of the many roses that grew in the area. The couple would have five children, and Rosedale itself was one of the centres of concentration for William Lyon MacKenzie's rebellion.  MacKenzie and Jarvis had much ill will towa...
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