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Att: RBC Bank President Gordon Nixon - Salary - 11.73 Million!! $100,000 - MISTAKE (FISHERMEN'S LOAN)I'm a commercial fisherman fighting the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) over a $100,000 loan mistake. I lost my home, fishing vessel and equipment. Help me fight this corporate bully by closing your RBC account.Website http://www.corporatebully.caYouTube http://www.youtube.com/CORPORATEBULLY There is no monthly interest payment date on the contract.Date of first installment payment, (Principal + interest) is approximately 1 year from the signing of my contract.Demand loan contracts signed by other fishermen around the same time showed a monthly interest payment date on their contract,(agreement).The lending policy did change at RBC from one payment (principal + interest) per year for fis...
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