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By Liz and Bill Spear, Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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Paying It Forward:  Goodwill Towards Goodwill & Others! 'Tis the season!  Bells are ringing!  Can you hear them?  If so, chances are it's the Salvation Army folks ringing their bell for the kettle!  Now my philosophy is simple on that.  If they can stand their freezing their Christmas buns off, the least I can do is drop a little something in the kettle! And our local food pantries are in need of help, so a few extra dollars at Kroger's to the Shared Harvest organization is easy.  We tend more towards lots of small trips to the grocer rather than a monthly cart buster, so we chipped in to Shared Harvest a couple of times this week. And today after church we just made a multi-trip haul to the local Goodwill on SR 123 just east of Lebanon.  Roller blades we don't use, two bikes, old LPs (...
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