North Royalton (Cleveland, OH)
By Mark Cassidy, Home Inspection Cleveland Ohio
(Crown Inspection Solutions)
                This crack in a poured concrete foundation wall was observed on a previous home inspection our company Crown Inspection Solutions performed. (440) 521-5399This crack although seems like a serious crack for most homeowners. This crack can be dealt with without excavatating.There are two methods that are perferred.1. Expandable two-component polyurethane.2. Two- Component Epoxy Most homeowners have encountered the frustrating problem of cracks in poured concrete basement walls and thus leads to stubborn water leaks after a heavy rain. They usually try to fix the crack with some type of caulking or tar base materials. This is only a tempory solution. Water will still fill the crack on the inside and cause efflorescence, which will push off the caulking and or tar. Then it w...
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