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By Debra Landy, PA and NY Home Stager
(StageTwoSell LLC)
As a Home Stager in Pennsylvania and New York, I often like to track my time for Home Staging or  Design Projects or to see how long it takes "behind the scenes" when I prepare for a staging job.  For several years I've been using the free app HOURS TRACKER  on my iPhone.  It's so easy to use!  One of my favorite parts is how easy it is  to share  time notations with others like coworkers or clients.  By setting up separate folders for each job, you can log in and out, adjust times as you go along (like taking a break for lunch) and even go back later and correct an entry (like when you forget to shut it off after a job is over). It's free in the app store.  Just look for the little green pig icon. Do you use a time tracker on your phone?    
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By Debra Landy, PA and NY Home Stager
(StageTwoSell LLC)
  As a Real Estate agent you show homes that need some TLC and nicely suggest the easy fixes... "Paint is an inexpensive fix", or "Those fixtures could be easily switched out." "A new light fixture there would make a big difference." But really, after 5 or 6 of those comments the buyers eyes start to glaze over and now they're wondering, "do I have time for all those fixes?" Stage Two Sell has staged homes in PA and NY for agents and sellers to get the home into updated condition.  We do the fixes, big and small and stage with furniture before the buyers  walk through.  This Staged home in Corning NY is move in ready!  Contact a Home Stager in your area and find out how you can work together to present the best product for your buyers and sellers.  It's a win- win.      
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By Christopher Ohlsen
(Credit Werx, LLC.)
I love American History!It's truly fascinating to read about America's trials and tribulations that have made America a great nation. Recently I met a semi-famous author in Bath, NY. Robert E. Yott is the author of a book entitled From Soldiers' Home to Mecial Center A Glance at 125 Year History of Soldiers' Home.I met Robert by chance and am now working with him. He is one of the nicest guys that you could possibly meet and he genuinely cares about his work. Robert resigned from his post at the VA in order to educate the public with regard to dwindling VA benefits in order to avoid be stifled by the VA's rules and regulations.If you have any interest at all regarding American History or more specifically Civil War Time American History you should definitely check out Roberts book (link...
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