Flushing (Whitestone, NY)
By Paula C. Annarumma
(PCA Realty, Inc.)
I have just about had it with agents taking over-priced listings with a pittance for commissions!  It's still happening here in good ol' Whitestone, Bayside, Flushing,  New York.  These agents ruin it for the rest of the professionals who really work for their money.  They don't want to invite co-brokes because the split is so low.  Can't mention numbers, but you get the idea.  Some of these agents do actually sell it themselves, but that's the whole point.  And the sellers aren't even aware of what the listing says.  In fact, I've seen some expireds who signed up for higher commissions, only to learn, after the fact, that their agent put it on MLS for far less to the selling agent.  What a surprise! The listing agent keeps more that the selling agent. Some MLS's have rules that it's 50...
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