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By Kin Tsui
(EMC Long Island Realty)
140-10 84th Dr, #3D - 3 bedrooms 1 bath about 1200 square feet Sold for $250,000 in February, 2008 Glenwood/Greenwood Co-op is a 6-story building built in 1959. The building is located on 84th Dr between Queens Blvd and 85th Rd. The maintenance Fee includes gas, water, heat and real estate tax. It is managed by Aras Management.
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By C Tann-Starr
(Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.)
Who knew an article authored by Jeff Gottlieb would inspire a turtle walk on a quest for the rich and famous buried at the historic Maple Grove Cemetery? Established in 1875, I discovered that in August of 2004 Maple Grove Cemetery (MGC) was inducted into The National Register of Historical Places. Major Queens County streets, boulevards, roads and drives are named after many of the notables deposed there such as Elizabeth Riis, John H. Sutphin, Theodire F. Archer, J. Harvey Smedley, Joseph B. Everitt, Edward Mandel, D.R.P. Marquis, Harold G. Cambell and a host of other extraordinary citizens.  Located directly across from Maple Grove Park in Briarwood, Queens County, New York, there is a very elegant entrance leading into the Maple Grove Cemetery on Queens Blvd. Unfortunately, the anci...
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By C Tann-Starr
(Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.)
This series of residential tours is inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub (of Sacramento) and Poppy Dinsey (of London, UK). Elizabeth has a beautiful gallery of homes showcased at her site on The Weintraub gallery is featuring her favorite Land Park Homes in Sacramento. Poppy and I have been planning to showcase more of our neighborhoods ever since. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us across the Big Pond at Zoomf. London has such beautiful eye candy. So does Land Park and Briarwood. Today's residential turtle run is in honor of you. May all the readers enjoy my selection of favorite homes in the neighborhood. I love New York! Queens County, what a great place to live.  
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