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By Manfred Lewis Leslie Horne & Associates, Realtor Spartanburg and Greenville SC
(Leslie Horne &Associates )
The issues that arise from a home inspection do not need to stop a purchase. It creates an opportunity for buyers and sellers to negotiate how to move forward in the purchase or sale. Do you lower the purchase price? Does the owner do the repairs or split the costs? 'Every problem has multiple solutions, and a home inspection allows everyone to make an informed decision. #thehelpfulagent #home #houseexpert #house #listreports #homeowner #househunting #homeinspection #smartbuyer #happyhomeowners #happyhome #realestate #realestateagent #realtor #themoreyouknow
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By Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker
(RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto))
1. Contract Documents (a) This Contract form (b) Drawings attached and/or referenced herein (if any) ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ (c) Specifications attached and/or referenced herein (if any) ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ (d) Additional documents signed by both parties during the course of this Contract. Extras and deletions to be documented on a Change Order Form and signed by both parties. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ (e) Other ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Omissions i...
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By Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker
(RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto))
  Chattels and Fixture Repair Problem   Here’s a small problem, but it seemed to get significantly worse as time went by. The buyer sees a house which is unoccupied. It’s being staged by a home staging company. Inquiry is made about the drapes, curtains and window coverings. They are apparently owned by the home staging company which wants a small fortune for them. So, OK, left them take their window treatments.   They take down the drapes, the rods, and remove the plastic wall plugs inserted into the drywall.   The owner comes along and repairs the spots and paints over the area with a 6 inch roller running about 10 inches in height. Each plug would have been smaller than the width of a pencil. Now, throughout the entire house on both sides of every window is a 60 inch patch.   What’s ...
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By Harry F. D'Elia III, Investor , Mentor, GRI, Radio, CIPS, REOs, ABR
(WEDO Real Estate and Beyond, LLC)
TOP TEN WAYS TO USE PRIVATE MONEY TO CLOSE MORE REAL ESTATE DEALS I work mainly with investors who want great deals and want to invest the minimum in order to reserve their cash for more deals. So, I have been able to develop relationships with private individuals that will loan thier money out to other investors at a normal 18% short term bridge loan in order to get a better return on their money. The private lender is in first lien position on the property. It has been working out quite nicely in my business.     TOP TEN WAYS TO USE PRIVATE MONEY TO CLOSE MORE REAL ESTATE DEALS:   Receive a discount on the property since one is closing faster No credit check Ample funds Cash flow Obtain money for repairs Flexible terms Develop key relationships   Creative methods when structuring the ...
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By Mark Taylor Mortgages, 602-361-0707 #MarkTaylor #Awesomerates NMLS#207897
(and for 1st Time Buyers, Move Up Buyers & Investors )
  So financing options are now available for Canadians who wish to purchase vacation homes in Arizona. Arizona was a hotbed for Canadian vacationers who at the peak 2005-2007 of the Arizona market were often put off by the high prices and unfavorable exchange rate.  Now with a weak dollar plummeted property values Arizona now represents a Canadian dream not only for weather, amenities and now accessible appreciable real estate assets. However up until now you could only obtain one home and only pay cash! Today Canadians have the opportunity to leverage their cash and buy not one second home but multiple properties for investment purposes. So how does our program work? •1.       5 Year INTEREST ONLY Home Equity Line of Credit at Prime - ¾% with a floor of 4%.  ( APR 4.17%)( As of today, ...
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By Barb & Sal Dragotta, Macomb County Michigan
For the last 3 days,...I have been a general contractor;...a "no-breaks-allowed" work leader;...a genuine PITA according to Sal.But, thank goodness I am driven to complete a job or job readiness;...because, you see, LaFata delivered out New Cabinets today--today; ...we probably should have thought ahead here, but all we had known about was:...tomorrow's Tear-OutNOW---things are totally looking up!.Tried to get Sal to admit that it was worth his 2 days work with me; & was going to take a photo of his smile; his grimace was not worth the digital bits--No Photo of Sal but, for your fun--here are some Before Photos the empty kitchen; no islandkitchen moves to Dining roomlooks like a "garage sale" in here. kitchen even moved into side hallAND Here, in the Garage---The New Cabinets Here, folk...
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By Marty Snyder, PSA, SFR, SRS; Ohio Homes for Sale
(OwnerLand Realty)
There are STILL loans available to consumers that require little to NO money down. The beauty is, you do NOT have to be a first time buyer either. You just need to know how to find these gems.  And, believe me, they are right under your nose! I'd love to win some buyer clients with this hidden gem of information.
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By Jeff Tumbarello
(Steelbridge Realty LLC)
  Learn to Earn Again! With Wine, Cheese and Chocolate!  When: 9/6/7, 2:30 to 4:30 PMWhere: Columbus Board of Realtors, 2700 Airport Dr. Columbus Ohio 43219Cost: FREE!  Tired of the Mortgage Run Around?  We know it's a different market and we are here to help!   In times like this Stability is what countsUnion Savings bank is 102 years old and going strong!  What will you learn?Our Niche, Portfolio and Government Home Mortgage Loan ProgramsYou will learn about the Union Savings Difference, In House, Underwriting, Processing and Appraising, All done from the Our Office in Dublin We will overview the following Loan products  Blanket Loans ~~ the real deal maker! ~~Interest Only LoansConstruction LoansFirst Time Home Buyer/Ohio Bond MoneyFHA/VA ~we have the best Underwriter in the State fo...
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By Ross Willingham, Realtor Associate
(Tomson Real Estate)
One of the best reasons to select Oklahoma for your relocation or business expansion is it's low cost of doing business.  Consider these facts:Oklahoma labor costs run well below the national average. Oklahoma offers abundant local access to reliable and affordable energy sources. Oklahoma has one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the nation. Oklahoma has an overall total cost of business that ranks fifth lowest in the United States.Oklahoma offers quality, affordable living.Oklahoma has abundant natural resources.In a 2006 report published by Pollina Corporate Real Estate, Oklahoma was among America's Top 15 Pro-Business States overall and third in the nation for its economic development services.  The study identified 25 factors -- all controlled by state government -- including t...
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By Mike (Inspector Mike) Parks, Inspector Mike
(Inspector Mike)
Is proctored testing necessary? YES.At least for those who wish to engage in professions like Real Estate, Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance, Specialty Trades (Electric, Plumbing, Etc.), so why not the Home Inspection industry?What can the public do to ensure that the individual that they hire to do there home inspection is qualified?Look for someone who has chosen to take the time to prove that they are qualified to inspect your home.Some examples are:RBO A Residential Building Official.RBI A Residential Building Inspector.ESI An Electrical Safety Inspector.PE A Professional Engineer.These designation are available to anyone who choses to go through the required step to achieve these credentials.
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