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By Chrissy Doremus ~ US Inspect ~, Residential Property Inspections
(US Inspect)
It's still raining here in northern New Jersey—and seeing as though things don't look they like they are going let up anytime soon—I was in the mood for a follow-up to Monday's Watch and Learn rain-related post. With rain still on the brain, I have created the following Home Maintenance list of 10 Things To Do Around the House When It's Raining, including my number one tip: Watch and Learn, which as I previously mentioned, was the subject of Monday's post. Enjoy! Watch and Learn—Check the state of your gutters by safely observing their function during a steady rain. Are the gutters properly connected and functioning? When water leaves the downspouts, where does it go? Check to see that the grade is directed away from the foundation, properly sending water away from the home...More abou...
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