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By Monika McGillicuddy, Southern NH & the Seacoast Area
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty)
Rye Beach NH  Swans at Eel Pond   If you live anywhere near the coast of NH you’ve probably happened upon the Swans at Eel Pond in Rye NH. They are beautiful, graceful and wild. While they are not “native” to the area, they have been at home in Eel Pond for many years.  The Beautiful Swans are awesome to see but they can be aggressive.  They are actually called Mute Swans and were imported at the turn of the century by wealthy New York land owners and  .... read more here >>>  NH Waterfont Living  
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By Sharon Tara, Retired New Hampshire Home Stager
(Sharon Tara Transformations)
 Home staging advice for selling your Rye Beach home - get into the closet.  Get into every single closet and cabinet and drawer in your home.   Home staging isn't just about new furniture and paint colors.  It's more than adding cut flowers and a bowl of lemons to the table.  Home staging is about creating a perception of value in the minds of potential buyers. Rye Beach is a prestigious seacoast town with beautiful homes, sporting manicured lawns and breathtaking views of the ocean.No matter what your price range, your Rye Beach home must be strategically marketed.  Advertisers spend a lot of time, effort and money to make their products appealing to buyers.Every image, color and font is  specifically chosen to be attractive to buyers and to make the product stand out from the competi...
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By Sharon Tara, Retired New Hampshire Home Stager
(Sharon Tara Transformations)
If you are selling a home in Rye Beach, NH - Do you still need home staging? It was declared an "earthly paradise" by Captain John Smith in 1614, and the town of Rye, New Hampshire continues to live up to that description today.  Along Rye's majestic eight miles of coastline are some of the most beautiful and oldest homes on the Seacoast.     Location, Location, Location....right?  With a location like Rye Beach, who needs home staging?I was recently hired by a realtor to do a home staging consult for a seller who was under the impression that his "Rye location" was enough. Not only had he overpriced the home, but it needed updating, cleaning and some major decluttering.  This seller didn't think he needed to make any of the improvements I suggested.  He didn't think he needed to lower ...
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