Moutain Vista (Campton, NH)
By Darlene King-Jennings
(King Realty Inc)
     P.O. Box 1208 , 250 Route 49 in Campton , NH 03223                              phone 603-726-8642 or 603-726-8941   What is Mountain Vista and where is it ? Just wanted to give you all the heads up on a unique opportunity to own a vacation place without killing yourself with the huge extra expenses normally associated .   Mountain Vista  off Route 49 in Campton , New Hampshire is just on the other side of the Pemi River when you are heading west from the interstate , I93 . It is a unique grouping of vacation places off one main road are little culdesacs with groupings of what would surprise you are not little cottages but RVs. RVs  most of which have additions making them spacious and cute  little vacation dwellings. It is located in Campton, NH  the gateway to New Hampshires Whit...
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