Traditions (Pineville, NC)
By Eric Ekovich
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Get Cash Back on Your New Home in Traditions, Pineville NC If you plan on buying a new home in Traditions or anywhere else in Pineville NC, WHY NOT get an additional 1% Cash Rebate on your Purchase? ... I'll show you how! View Pineville Homes for Sale Print Your Cash Back Coupon and SAVE $$$ The Community of Traditions is located in Mecklenburg County, Pineville NC. Traditions Home Builders:Cambria * Schools:Pineville, Quail Hollow, South Mecklenburg ** Community Features: The Real Estate Brokers printed on your REBATE Coupon will give their clients an additional 1% Cash Back. Coupons are valid in all of North and South Carolina in addition to Charlotte Homes for Sale. While you are out searching for your new home and spending time in the Traditions Pineville, NC area, you may want to v...
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For most people, private mortgage insurance is the only way they will be able to buy a home or refinance their existing mortgage! So with something so critical to this process, maybe we should discuss it a bit, don't you think?PMI is short for Private Mortgage Insurance. This is an insurance policy that protects the lender in case of default of the borrower. The idea is that if a home owner loses their home to foreclosure due to lack of repayment, the bank will only get a portion of the money they lent back when the home is sold. Private mortgage insurance is designed to cover the remaining deficit (if any) for the lender.When a home is foreclosed on, most lenders expect to get at least 80% of a home's value. So when a borrower takes out a loan that is more than 80% of the home's value,...
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Private mortgage insurance companies have raised the minimum credit score to obtain 100% financing on a home mortgage to 620. Any home loans submitted with less than 620 credit score will now be capped at 95%, with 5% of the purchase required as down payment from the borrower.With the loss of downpayment assistance programs and tighter underwriting guidelines, it is getting a bit harder to pull off 100% home loans. However, there is still some exceptions....Read more about New Requirements for 100% Home Loans____________________________________________________This mortgage news update brought to you by The Ed Nailor Mortgage TeamEd Nailor loans Charlotte!704-651-8704 Phoneor visit
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