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By Nicole Arnold
(The Views at Cranberry)
Many clients ask me if winter is a bad time to come to the mountains and view property.  My answer, of course, is:  IT'S THE BEST TIME TO COME!  The reason I say this is that in winter, with the leaves off the trees, you can see the lay of the land:  whether the lot you are looking at is flat, partially flat, rolling, has prominent rock outcroppings, etc.  That way, if you are interested in clearing your lot partially for a homesite or totally for the added playing area for the kids, then you can see exactly what you will be dealing with. Also, the rock formations and creeks will inspire with you with fresh ideas for landscaping and trails to mountain springs.  You really need to walk a community to find its treasures:  the waterfalls, the babbling brooks, your special, secret spot.  In...
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