Blowing Rock (Boone, NC)
By Judy & Allan Wagner, We Promise Clients Our Best & We Keep Our Promises
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By Bob de Camara
(Prudential Mountain Properties)
I just love the beauty of these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  Having lived here fourteen years I have driven or walked most of these counties in northwestern NC.  The sublime beauty of the high country is almost impossible to clearly convey.  There are moments you experience on top of ridge where you're suddenly struck by how magnificent is this place on Earth!  It can be a moment of weather with wispy clouds wending their way as the wind whispers in the river valley.  It stops me in my tracks this exquisite beauty.  It can be something as simple as awakening to the fresh forest fragrance or as humbling as a mountaintop moment under the garland of diamonds we have for a night sky.  I've never known anything as sublime as these mountains.  Come look with me and we'll find perfection i...
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