Forsyth, MO Real Estate News

By Carrie Ann Higgs, Your Key To The Ozarks
(Branson House Realty)
My last blog post was on a new listing was on a new listing at 644 Wayland Dr. Forsyth, MO Just to show you the power of active rain, I had tagged this listing with key words such as "Bull Shoals Lake". A few days later I recieved a phone lead from a lady out of state looking to by a home near Bull Shoals Lake, come to find out she had been searching on-line and I happened to pop up, she couldn't quite remember where she had found me, just saw I was easy to reach and called me right away. :) A good lead to work on for later.. More good news about this listing that happend the same week, we got an offer for asking price with another Realtor from our board! Originally the seller wanted to price a little higher and said we can "always come down" I knew where the house needed to be priced p...
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By Tammie Turner, B. A., Business
(Tri-Lakes Realtors)
The Missouri Department of Transportation recently approved funding for a project to relieve traffic congestion in Forsyth at the intersection of Highway 160 and Coy Boulevard. The intersection will be widened about 12 feet and a turn lane will be added. The turn lane will allow traffic to proceed instead of lining up behind a motorist making a left hand turn.     The project may start in Spring 2009, depending on when bids are let. If started in the spring, completion is expected to be in the fall.    
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By Russ Prothero
(Russ Prothero, Broker)
              In my forty-some years of employment I've done just about everything. As a General Contractor I would build homes not just for my clients but for my wife and me. Who better to build my home? It's built right and just the way we wanted it. As a young man I was a Millwright (machine repairman) in a factory. When my auto or other machines would break down I didn't call a repairman; I simply crawled under the vehicle and got ‘er done.              In these times of slim pickings, we agents need an extra source of income that will bridge the economic gap. I've found apartment to be that bridge. It seems I've been running into agents that have been handing out advice to their clients that they themselves haven't been willing to follow. If you are going to sell real estate you ne...
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By Investment Brokers Realty, Branson & Ozark Property Management
(Investment Brokers Realty)
Details Photo Gallery View Rooms 65653-Forsyth (Corner Stone Estates) FOR SALE$172,000 Priced Right! Investment Brokers of the Ozarks, Inc. Kris HolmesEmail KrisWork: 417-338-4040Business: 417-338-4040Cell: 417-839-8964Fax: 417-338-4041 More Photos(14) Quick Links Virtual Tour Request More Info Email Listing More Photos(14) Details