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  Leslie, MI - The Leslie JR Neely is a full-service home improvement company that can suit all every need. JR Neely has an extensive success history and there isn't a type of home improvement project that they haven't encountered. Call on them at any time (24/7 - 365) to handle your needs. The Leslie JR Neely is the cheapest metal roofing home remodeling company in Michigan and beyond! JR Neely provides metal roofing installation, 30 year roofing installation, vinyl siding, gutter installation and insulation for residential homes.   The Leslie JR Neely is also capable of servicing multiple accounts across the central Michigan area. They quickly earn your trust by giving you the level of service that you expect and deserve. Right now you can find JR Neely in East Lansing, Sunfield, Dext...
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