Meadow Ridge (Myersville, MD)
By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
(RG Realty Inc)
"Relocation Planner" WebSeminar. Over the next seven days, we will send you professional advice for developing some insight into the moving and relocating process. Each article is straightforward and very informative. We certainly hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to forward these tips to anybody who might benefit from the information. Listed below is the menu of tips you will be receiving: • -How to Simplify Your Move • -Moving Tips Ease Your Pain • -Prepare Your Kids for Moving Day • -Choosing a Realtor Off the Web • -Job-hunting Strategies for Trailing Spouses • -The Complete Relocation Kit · -Moving Organizer Checklist Starting with your first tip: Tip #1 - How to Simplify Your Move The average American moves every seven years. There are those, however, who move more frequently-...
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