Robinwood Center (Hagerstown, MD)
By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
(RG Realty Inc)
  Downsizing Hagerstown Interiors Takes Imagination From the moment you unpack the last carton after moving into a new home, an inexorable process begins. I’m talking about the inevitable accumulation of things: useful things, pretty things, things with little more than sentimental value -- and a lot of things that actually have no value at all! It really doesn’t matter how long you have lived in your house. After the first few months, every busy family collects a mountain of stuff. Then, when it comes to selling a Hagerstown home, dealing with it in earnest is a real chore. It has to be done for at least two reasons. First off, a junk-free home is more attractive to potential buyers. It helps avoid the impression of a ‘too lived-in’ house. It makes rooms seem larger, and by downsizing...
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