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Homes for Sale in Halfway | Hagerstown, MD - April 2018 Home ValuesThis is a snapshot of recent sales in the Halfway neighborhood of Hagerstown, MD. Real estate market data and analysis is provided by Peggy Yee, Realtor. Please click here for the April 2018 full market report of homes for sale in Halfway, Hagerstown MD.Highest and Lowest Sold Homes in HalfwayIn the past 6 months, 11 properties have sold in Halfway ranging from a 3-bed, 2-bath Detached for $119,900 to a 5-bed, 2.5-bath Detached for $237,000.Halfway Community Real Estate Market ActivityThese market activity gauges show the market trends for the previous month (February) as compared to the 5-year March average. The market supply is 1 month, which indicates the total number of months it would take for the current inventory ...
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Creative Investing A creative way to purchase a property when a traditional loan or a non-conforming loan is not available to the buyer is the land contract. A Land contract structure basically allows the buyer to make periodic or monthly payments to the seller with-out transferring tittle to the property, transfer only occurs when buyer has fulfill all the obligations established under the Land Contract. Another advantage to a land contract is that there are minimal closing costs and will help buyer to establish a good payment record and improve the credit score and rating, normally this is done with the intention to refinance at a later time to a traditional or non-conforming loan. There are some risk associated with land contracts since is no way to make sure that seller will be abl...
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