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Frederick, MD Real Estate News

By Craig Smith, Frederick MD Real Estate
(Re/Max Achievers)
Here is a tool that is both interesting and helpful for your SEO and marketing. Google trends tracks the activity of internet search terms over a period of time. Although one downfall is if the term does not get enough activity and trends report can not be created.Let us take the terms Maryland Homes and Maryland Real Estate (my service area). Both terms have trends that are fairly comparable as should be given the similarity of the meanings of the phrases. The activity gives us clues about the real estate market. First, notice the peak in mid 2005. This peak corresponds to the hottest point in our Maryland marketplace in recent years as it did with many locations across the United States.  After that point into 2006 the terms overall were search for less often correlating to the real e...
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By Bob Carney, Licensed MD/PA Real Estate Agent
(Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales)
What is one to say about this town?  Frederick, MD has so much going on for an old historic town.  It is in some of the final phases of the Carroll Creek Project.  This is driving growth and housing prices in this area.  The idea is to create a beautiful area that people can live, work and shop all in one place.  This town used to be the second largest city in Maryland, but now has to settle with the title of fourth largest.  The city has employed the talents of a production company to help drive growth in this charming town.  Take a look at the video for yourself.  Drive through town and take in some of it's charm. Here's something I made with RealEstateShows.com to save on gas if you can't make the trip today.    What to do around town?  A wide variety of entertainment pleasures grace...
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By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
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These aren't the typical tips, such as taking care of the dogs, cleaning the house, packing your undies and the like. Instead, these tips deal specifically with the physical move and ways to make it easier and less stressful for folks who are moving hundreds of miles. Tip #2 - Moving Tips Ease Your Pain First of All, Sell All that You Can. Don't hang onto all the stored clothes, books, old records, etc., just because you might need it someday. Have a humongous yard/garage sale and just get rid of it. Besides freeing you up from household items that your children or grandchildren will throw away anyway once you've made that "final move," eliminating extraneous items will put some road money in your pocket and save you money if you're hiring a moving company, which charges by weight. What...
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By Lenn Harley, Real Estate Broker - Virginia & Maryland
(Lenn Harley, Homefinders.com, MD & VA Homes and Real Estate)
frederick county real estate, frederick county homes for sale, frederick county md new homesURBANA REAL ESTATE IS ON THE MAP WITH A NEW COMMUNITYLook to the west and you'll see the beauty of Sugarloaf Mountain.  The landmark that can be viewed from sites up and down Route 270 in Maryland and from higher locations in Loudoun County Virginia is a wonderful addition to the Frederick County real estate market.  Many communities on the other shore of the Potomac River in Northern Virginia offer views of Sugarloaf.                                            Single Family Homes in Urbana Highlands             Town Homes in Urbana HighlandsThere are approximately 1100 single family detached homes in Urbana, most of which are in the Urbana Highlands Community.  Urbana Highlands offers about 197 ...
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By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
(RG Realty Inc)
  Thank you for subscribing to our "Borrower's Guide" WebSeminar. Over the next seven days, we will send you professional advice for developing some insight into the home lending process. Each article is straightforward and very informative. We certainly hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to forward these tips to anybody who might benefit from the information. Listed below is the menu of tips you will be receiving: • -Choosing Your Lender • -Checking Your Credit • -All About Lenders' Fees • -Protecting Your Privacy • -Beware of Best Rate Guarantees • -What You Can Say to Your Lender · -To Lock or Not to Lock Starting with your first tip: Tip #1 - Choosing Your Lender Some of the biggest misconceptions held by buyers relate to the belief that all lenders, and all mortgages, are pretty...
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