Bannockburn Coop (Bethesda, MD)
By Kacem Benali Bethesda & Rockville REALTOR
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Bannockburn Coop Homes for Sale.   More Communities... Bannockburn Coop Homes for Sale.  Bethesda, MD.Established during Word War II, the idea Bannockburn Coop was created by a group of people whose vision was to create a community where people from all walks of life, both young and old, would be able to live and prosper in a nurturing environment built to fulfill their needs.  These ideas became reality around 1946 when the Bannockburn Golf Course was purchased and architects began designing some of Bannockburn Coop's first single family homes, which still stand today among the many others which have been built since.  People looking for Bethesda homes for sale or Bannockburn Coop homes for sale will find it the HOME SEARCH SITE.  Talk to you Bethesda REALTOR & Real Estate Agent Kacem...
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