Somersby (Baton Rouge, LA)
By Bill Cobb Appraiser, Greater Baton Rouge's Home Appraiser
(Accurate Valuations Group, LLC)
Somersby Subdivision Baton Rouge Correction Severe From Hurricane Katrina High Prices Those home buyers after that purchased homes in Somersby after Katrina in the $170s to $180s are now facing home values in the mid to high $160's.  In Baton Rouge, we're so used to home prices remaining stable to rising.  This correction is proof that home prices don't always rise and sometimes don't always remain stable.  In 2011, the average sales price was $108/sf and in 2012 it's $104/sf.  I recently completed a home appraisal in Baton Rouge Louisiana's Somersby Subdivision and discovered these home price trends since Hurricane Katrina highs. After Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans residents relocated into Baton Rouge, sales prices rose over night up to an averages of $119.52/sf and $182,450. And ...
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