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By Larry Gatti
(The Gatti Group at Keller Williams Realty)
Curious what your home is worth?  Check it out here.  Whether you live in St. Matthews, Highlands, Lake Forest, J-Town, or any other great Louisville or Oldham County neighborhood, find out what your home may be worth on the market today.  Free. When you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you've come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you'll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home: 1. The Local Advantage - Take advantage of a broad spectrum of technologies and tools to support the sale of your home from start to close. 2. Internet Advertising - Since the lion's share of home buyers starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. Yo...
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By Dave Halpern, Louisville Short Sale Expert
(Dave Halpern Real Estate Agent, Inc., Louisville, KY (502) 664-7827)
When financial hardship strikes, the natural instinct is to save your home, for many reasons: You want to meet your obligations and fulfill your promises Your family lives in the home You want to move when it fits your life plan You put a lot of planning, time and money into the house You want to avoid the stress and embarrassment of a foreclosure One of the ways to make the payments affordable and stay in the home is a loan modification. In an ideal loan mod the bank lowers your interest rate and lowers your payment. If the loan modification doesn’t work, homeowners sometimes consider renting the house out.  Here are advantages and disadvantages of that strategy: Advantages: If you can truly get into break even or positive cash flow by renting your home out, being a landlord can help y...
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By Dave Halpern, Louisville Short Sale Expert
(Dave Halpern Real Estate Agent, Inc., Louisville, KY (502) 664-7827)
  Case Study in Louisville, KY: Homeowners want to do the right thing and stay current on payments until the short sale is done. Homeowners don’t feel right to fall behind. Homeowners are willing to postpone a critical relocation in order to stay current and not have to pay simultaneous rent and mortgage payments. Homeowners want to preserve their credit so they can get back into home ownership as soon as possible. HUD says “NO! You Must Default!” HUD Says What? Proof? I always go to the source document. Here’s an excerpt from HUD Mortgagee Letter 2008-43: PFS is HUD language for "Pre Foreclosure Sale" which is their formal phrase for "Short Sale" Here’s another excerpt from another HUD Letter: and it continues... Please note that HUD warns that the borrower must not be encouraged to de...
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